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2016 Escape Trailer Rally - Schedule of Events and Final List of Attendees

Please find below a copy of the Schedule of Events and Final List of Attendees for the 2016 Escape Trailer Rally. Please note you will receive a copy of this letter in your registration package.

2016 Escape Trailer Rally

Welcome to the 7th Annual, 2016 Escape Trailer Rally. This is our sixth year at the Nk’Mip Campground in Osoyoos. There are currently 114 trailers registered for the rally. Some of these registrants are new to the Escape family, while others currently have their second or third or fifth Escape trailer and many have been a member of our Escape family for several years now. Reace and I will be in site C60this year. Please visit our site upon arrival to receive your registration package.
The Nk’Mip campground is located at the bottom of the hill with the cultural center above which offers plenty of information on local history, First Nation Heritage, and local wildlife. We hope you enjoy the scenery as much as we do.
We do not plan many activities during the rally as Osoyoos is a beautiful area for exploring. The Tourist Information Center is the perfect place to begin as it is a great source of information on surrounding activities, local events and points of interest. As Osoyoos is located in the Wine Desert Capital of BC you can count on some warm weather perfect for golfing, fishing, sailing etc. Be sure to stop by the Old Home Hardware Store which is located downtown and offers three floors to explore – Make sure you make it down into the basement! The Adega on 45th Estate Winery – Welcomes all Escape Rally Attendees. Just mention you are with the Escape Trailer Rally and they will be more than happy to provide you with a 10% discount. Their patio is also open and available for anyone who would like to take advantage of the view. Picnic lunches are welcome. The Dubh Glas Distillery | Whisky, Gin and Spirits – They conduct tours Friday to Sunday 11am – 6pm. It is interesting to hear his spiel about the process and his choice of equipment. Sampling is of course the highlight.
Escape ‘BINGO’ – Last year our BINGO game was so much fun we decided to do it again.…Please look in your registration package for an Escape Bingo Card. Take some time to meet your fellow Escapees and obtain the answers to the questions found on your card. Completed Bingo Cards will be entered in an additional draw for more prizes. Al F. and John T. your names, finger prints and photos are on file with the office. – No cheating this year J
Trailer Tour - This year we will be coordination a semi-organized trailer tour on Saturday. There are many people attending the rally this year who have trailers on order and they would enjoy the opportunity to look at some of the Escapes. If you wish to ‘display or show’ your trailer please hang the RED BALLOONfound in your Welcome Bag on your trailer saying you are ‘Open’ for trailer tours.
Sites C1 – C76 10am – 12pm
Sites C77 – 142 1pm – 3pm

Camping Treasures Collection - This year Ian and Joan G. are very excited to unveil some of their unique Fiberglass Trailer items which includes. Key Chains, Earrings, Necklaces and Wineglass Charms. Please remember to stop by their site and take a peek at all of the wares they have for sale.

Below is a schedule for the rally; we hope you enjoy yourself as much as possible! Please note all activities this year will be located in the OLD CLUBHOUSE. (Please see the map on page 2)
Thursday May 26th, 2015
10am – 5:30pm Registration OpenVisit Site C60 to pick up your name tags and registration packages.
Door Prizes please look in your registration package for a RED 50/50 draw ticket. If you find one please return to the registration table and claim your prize. Please note due to the large number of attendees not all attendees will receive a prize this year.


Friday May 27th, 2015
10am – 5:30pm Registration OpenVisit Site C60 to pick up your name tags and registration packages.
Door Prizes please look in your registration package for your ticket and claim your prize when you register.
10:00am Wine Tour PU at Clubhouse at 10am near the washrooms/laundry facilities (PLEASE BE EARLY!). Cost is $65 per person for the day. (Please note this year it is pre-paid – You will be asked for payment upon registration)You will be visiting six different wineries, including the Silver Sage Winery which has one of the best sampling opportunities in the area. The bus will return to the campground around 4pm. – Please note there are three buses the first and second bus are now full and there is room for eight more people on the third bus.
5:30pm – 6:30pm Spirit Hour - **Beer Exchange - Bring your favourite or local ale to share with other people. (If you bring six you take 6) **Wine Tasting - Bring your favorite bottle of wine to share with other people.
** Bottles left behind will be considered as part of the meet and greet dinner
6:30pm - Meet and Greet in the Clubhouse. Escape Trailer Industries will be having the Meet and Greet catered this year. Followed by some socializingon the Terrace of the Clubhouse.
Saturday, May 30, 2015
7am – 9:30pm Pancake Breakfast – (Hosted by Marlene & Dennis ‘Dad’, Coffee provided by Barry & Cindy) In the clubhouse. Please bring your own place settings.
10am – 2pmSwapping of the ‘Stuff’ – (Hosted by Anne & Paul) If you have Stuff to give away, feel free to drop it at our campsite on the table. Please label the ‘Stuff’ with your name, site number and, if there is some special knowledge associated with your ‘Stuff’, please post it on a card or label of some sort. For example: One item I am going to give away is a set of pads for BAL stabilizers, however, they only work on pre – 2012 stabilizers. I am going to note that on a little card so that other folks aren't frustrated trying to fit them onto their new 2015 trailer. All your Stuff is to be given away rather than sold -- I can't be trusted with any funds, American, Canadian or otherwise. Stuff you take does not come with any warranty, implied or otherwise. However, Stuff may be returned or exchanged for other Stuff of equal or greater value so long as the exchanging is completed prior to 1:00 PM.

10:00am – 5pm Registration Open Visit Site C60 to pick up your name tags and registration packages
6pm- Pot Luck Dinner (Everyone is asked to provide one dish that will serve a minimum of 6 - 8 people) Please bring your own place settings. (Plates and cutlery, beverage etc.)
You can view the menu on the Escape Forum www.escapeforum.org If you cannot post your contribution. Please contact Escape Trailer Industries so we can update the menu.
Sunday, May 31, 2015
9am- Pot Luck Breakfast Yes COFFEE will be available (Provided by Doug & Kathy). (Everyone is asked to provide one dish that will serve a minimum of four people) Please bring your own serving settings. (Plates and cutlery, beverage etc.).


ALDRICH, Forrest & Carol 2016 19' Port Townsend, WA
ALLEN, Jim & PASTRO, Franca 2006, 17'B Victoria, BC
ANDERSON, Ken & POTTER, Sarah 2012 15'B Seattle, WA
ARMENDARIZ, Duke & Beverlee 2015, 21' San Antonio, TX
BAGLO, Glenn & Leslie 2008, 17B North Vancouver, BC
BARYLSKI, Stephen & Judy 2016 21' Komoka, ON
BASHAM, Dan & Heather 2009, 17'B Langley, BC
BAWDEN, Dave & Terri 2016, 21' Anacortes, WA
BEAULIEU, Charla & Verna 2014 17'B Nelson, BC

BECKER, Wolf & Gabi 2012, 15' A Calgary, AB
BECKMANN, Phil & NEAME, Laura 2016 19' Lake Country, BC
BENNETT, Jim & Lisa 2016 5.0TA Calgary, AB
BIRD, Don & Sandy 2015 21' Abbotsford, BC
BJERKE, Steve & Delores 2012, 19' Pendleton, OR
BORNESTIG, Allan & Raili 2005, 17' B North Vancouver, BC
BRANDNER, Ron & Bonnie 2012 19' Port Alberni, BC
BRYAN, Robert & Yolanda 2015, 19' San Antonio, TX
BRUNETTE, Ray & Rose 2015, 21' Beaumont, AB
BUZZARD, Ruth 2007 17'B Whistler, BC
CAMERON, Cliff & Betty 2016, 5.0TA Simi Valley, CA
CHAVIANO, Emilio & MELLON, Christine 2015 21' Seattle, WA
COCHRANE, Doug & Vickeri 2014, 21' Nanaimo, BC
COSH, Jim & Lois 2013, 17'B Duncan, BC
COX, Chuck and Jo Anne 2014 19' Wenatchee, WA
CUTTEN, Fraser & Wendy 2011' 19' Bearspaw, AB
DALEY, Augustine & BLYTHE, Linda 2016 5.0TA Kittery, ME
DAVIES, Doug & Kathy 2012, 19' Terrace, BC
DEE, Donna 2015, 17' B Red Deer, AB
DEGRAFF, David & HAMADA, Bonnie 2014 21' Spokane, WA
DEME, Frank & Martha 2016, 19' Pender Island, BC
DENDUYF, Alisa 2014 21' Shawnigan Lake, BC
DOUGLAS, Ronald & Shirley TRAILER ON ORDER Keremeos, BC
DRIESCH, Jim & Sharon 2016 5.0TA Houston, TX
EDWARDS, Lawrie & Carol 2010, 13'B Chilliwack, BC
Erickson, Brian & Penny 2012, 19' Heffley Creek, BC
ERIKSON, Jackie & Pam 2015 5.0TA Baytown, TX
FEENY, Al & Colleen 2009, 19' North Delta, BC
FISHER, Steve and Marty 2014, 19' Winthrop, WA
FLAWITH, Steve & Wendie 2011, 17'B Courtney, BC
FRASER, Tom & Arlene 2013, 21' Auburn, WA
FRY, Jerry & Celia 2015, 19' Port Townsend, WA
FULTON, Tom and Donna 2016, 5.0TA Kelwona, BC
GILES, Ian & Joan 2014, 19' Calgary, AB
GORMALLY, Kate 2012, 17' B Olympia, WA
GRANDMASON, Dayna & MERCER, Sheryl 2016 19' Olympia, WA
GREEN, Brian & LOOK, Susan 2014 19' Chicago, IL
HANSEN, Carl & Barb 2015, 5.0TA Innisfail, AB
HARMATUIK, Reace & Tammy 2016, 5.0TA Chilliwack, BC
HAYS, Patrick & KULESSA, Mara 2010 17'B Kamloops, BC
HASHIM, Jane & MORGAN, Lori 2016, 21' Morro Bay, CA
HEARD, Fred & FRENCH, Janice 2008, 17'B Victoria, BC
HENDERSON, Anne 2016, 19' Portland, OR
HENDERSON, Dave 2012 17'B Prince George, BC
HENDERSON, Bob (Dave's Brother) 2012 17'B (Dave's trailer) Peachland, BC
HIBBERT, Les & Helen 2017 19' Bellingham, WA
HODGKINSON, David 2014, 17'B Parksville, BC
HOLSER, Ginger 2015, 5.0TA Mill Creek, WA
HUBBARD, Kimmie 2015 5.0TA Chilliwack, BC

HUTCHENSON, Paul 2013 15'B Pender Island, BC
IRWIN, Helen & CROOKSHANKS, Irwin 2014, 15'B Saskatoon, SK
JABUSCH, Gaye & Bob 2013 15'B Pender Island, BC
JACOBS, Charlie & Lucy 2015 5.0TA Georges Mills, NH
JANKE, Ann & Greg 2013, 19' Lompoc, CA
JARDINE, Wayne & Evie 2010, 15' Kamloops, BC
JOHNSTON, Gerri & Mark 2015, 5.0TA Delta, BC
JONES, Byron & Annese 2016, 5.0TA Baytown, TX
JUSTICE, Barry & Cindy 2012, 5.0 Mission, BC
KELLOGG, Jim & Donna 2016, 5.0TA St.Pete Beach, FL
KIRK, David & KEMPE, Kim 2011 15'A (2016 17'B COMING) Calgary, AB
KOCH, Paul & Jennifer, Simon,Asher 2017 17'B Coming Seattle, WA
KOHN, Letty & Randy 2011, 15'A Grand Forks, BC
LaBossiere, Richard and Susan 2015 19' Delta, BC
LANDRY, Michel 2008 17'B Salmon Arm, BC
LECLERC, Sharleen & Ron 2016, 5.0TA Sechelt, BC
LEGGETT, Cheryl & Kelly 2012 17B North Vancouver, BC
LEIS, Jim & Rosella 2011, 19' RRI Brunner, ON
LETOURNEAU, Martin & Rosana 2015 21' Tacoma, WA
LONG, Charity & LANDELS, Jason 2013 17'B Maple Ridge, BC
MA, Chinang & Echo + 2 2015, 17' B Portland, OR
MANSON, Jim & ZAWADUK, Cheryl 2015, 21' Kamloops, BC
MARTENS, Bernie & Dolores 2011, Escape 5.0 Abbotsford, BC
MATHESON, Tom 2015 17'A Juneau, AK
MCKEAG, Bill & Gisela 2014 21' Everett, WA
MCLEISH, Ken 2015 17'A Powell River, BC
MCNARY, Sheila 2016, 17'B Edmonton, AB
MICHAEL, Linda & Michael 2014 5.0TA Sherwood Park, AB
MOHR, Mike & SHERBONOVICH, Cindy 2011 19' Sqaumish, BC
MOLVIK, Art & Kathy 2015 21' Livermore, CA
MOORE, Dennis & Marlene 21' Escape Chilliwack, BC
MORELLI, Sarah & Chris one day Chilliwack, BC
MORÓN, Alfredo & Dora 2014 17' Casita Dallas, TX
MORRISON, Scott & LYTH, Annette 2012, 15'A Brentwood Bay, BC
MULLER, Marv & Vicki 2016, 21' Canyon Lake, TX
NELSON, Jim & Karen 2015 21' Helena, MT
NELSON, Roberta & Craig 2016, 21' Seattle, WA
NORDIN, Judy & Warren 2015 19' Sherwood Park, AB
OCONNOR, John & Debra 2013, 17'B Surrey, BC
PALMER, Dave & OCHOA, Sarina 19' Anacortes, WA
PARROTT, Bea and Don 2016, 19' Abbotsford, BC
PERON, Pat & Doreen 2015, 15' Coquitlam, BC
PITTS, Dave & Sandi 2015 19' Port Townsend, WA
PLANT, Claire & Garry 2012, 5.0TA Kamploops, BC
POLLOK, Doug & Anna-Marie 2008, 17'B Port Coquitlam, BC
POWELL, Harry and Carol 2011, 15B Maple Ridge, BC
PRIESTLEY, Doug & Eileen 2015, 5.0TA Claresholm, AB
PUGH, Carla Jean & Ned 2016, 21' Port Townsend, WA
QUINLAN, Diane & SAUVEL, Teri 2015, 19' Calgary, AB

ROGERS, George & Paula 2013, 15' Cranbrook, BC
SALZMANN, Bob & Bernice 2010 5.0 Calgary, AB
SAXENA, Raj & Nisha 2016, 17'B Clermont, FL
SCHRAM, Alma & Paul 2015 21' Beaumont, AB
SMITH, Doug & Susan 2014, 21' "Toto" Gig Harbour, WA
SMITH, Kirk & YEATES, Carol 2016, 19' Nelson, BC
SMITH, Pam & Doug 2004, 17' A Aldergrove, BC
SMITH, Rita & Dave 2010, 19' Atkins, IA
SMITH-WALLACE, Cathy & Twyla 2015, 21' Escape Chilliwack, BC
SOGANIC, Glenys & Jim 2015, 21' Victoria, BC
SONNENBURG, Bill & Earline 2014, 21' Signal Mountain, TN
STEELE, Morrie & PALESCH, Kent 2010 5.0 Chilliwack, BC
STEPHENS, John & Ursulas 2016 19' Rossland, BC
STERKINS, Dan & JENKINS, Sally 2016, 19' Auburn, CA
TEUNISSEN, Eric & Diana Hill 2015 19' Canmore, AB
THIESSEN, Jim 2016, 19' Rockland, ON
THOMAS, Gord & Pat 2015, 19' Vernon, BC
THOMPSON, Karen & Garth 2011, 17'B Sherwood Park, AB
THOMPSON, Kent 2015 5.0TA Corralitos, CA
THORESON, Bob & Sue 2014 5.0TA Pitt Meadows, BC
TISCHER, Jim & Judy 2016, 21' Woodland, CA
TURNER, Lance & DAIGLE, Nadine 2015 19' Maple Ridge, BC
VAIL, Craig & Josie 2014 21' Escape Spartanburg, SC
VANCE, Wendy & Dale 2016, 19' Chilliwack, BC
VANLITH, Gary & Marlene 2015, 21' Richland Hills, TX
VAUGHAN, Bob & Joanna 2016, 5.0TA North Vancouver, BC
WADE, Charles and Georgiana 2011 19' Sequim, WA
WARREN, Gerry & Verna 2006 17'B North Saanich, BC
WEIBLE, Tim & Karla 2016 21' on June 1st Millstadt, IL
WILLIAMS, Paul 2014 21' Marysville, WA
WILSON, Jan & Peter 2015, 17'B Kelowna, BC
WRIGHT, Carl & Gail 2015, 5.0TA Dade City, FL
YOUNG, Charlie & VOGELEY, Cathryn 2014, 21' "Felicity" Hillsboro, OR

From all of us here at Escape Trailer Industries….

Thank you!

Thank you, to all of you for attending this years’ Escape Trailer Customer Appreciation Rally and making it such a success. We would also like to express a Thank You to all of our supporters who provide us with Door Prizes.


Anna-Marie & Doug Pollok,

Doug & Kathy Davies,

Ian & Joan Giles,

John Titus,

Marlene & Dennis Moore,

Wolf & Gabi Becker



Boomerang Vinyl

Camp River Woodworking

Citizens Bank

Coast Distribution

Composites One

Cordtech Power

Dehco Inc.

Double Tree Forest Products

Ducan Industries

E. Roko


Fraserway RV

Gidney Signs

Go Power Carmanah

Good Sam and Trailer Life Magazine

Hercules Forwarding Inc.

HUB International

KIB Electronics

King Innovations


National Trailer Parts,

Papco Paulin,

Phoenix Faucets,

Silver King Development,

Snow Birds & RV Travel Magazine,

Super Camping Select Lodging,

Sunrise Pipe & Supply Ltd,

Torbram Electric Supply,


Wells Industrial Supplies
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