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Anne H 08-20-2010 03:45 AM

Problem with A/C not cooling?
Well, I thought I would clean out my trailer after a recent trip - but it was over 90 degrees out But then I thought, "I have A/C" - and this would be a great opportunity to use it - since I had it put in 2 years ago, I think I've turned it on a couple of times to test it - but never actually used it.

Alas - the fan runs but the cooling did not happen. I tried the 'Test' and 'Reset' buttons (usually I only have to do that after the trailer battery has been unhooked for the winter) - but that didn't help.
The filter is sparkling clean.

I checked Curtis Trailers here in Portland and another place they recommended to look at it but no one seems to want to look at a unit that isn't roof top mounted. They seem to think that it might be freon-based vs ammonia-based and, in any case, Frigidairre may have recalled it (???).

I can't get anyone to look at it.

Any ideas?? (also posted on FGRV)

escape artist 08-20-2010 06:52 AM

Re: Problem with A/C not cooling?
Hi: Anne H... We had a window A/C that the kids wanted to borrow. I think thats the type used over the fridge in early Escapes...Anyhoo the compressor and fan wouldn't start/run. My A/C tech said there are places to oil the fan shaft beside the blades and usually no one does!!! He told me to spray WD40 in there and manipulate the fan blades by hand...each day. Once the blades would turn then add penetrating oil and once the blades would turn freely some oil. TaDa it worked fine. Every thing started and ran properly...still does!!!
This may not be your case but I'm just sayin'. Some times not using something is just as bad as over using it!!!Alf
escape artist N.S. of Lake Erie ;)

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