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FWIW, a scangauge/blendmount picture:
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Sounds like I should get one

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Originally Posted by Bill R View Post
I installed our scangauge over the rearview mirror with a blendmount...
I had never heard of this, but it looks like an interesting option - thanks Bill
BlendMount for ScanGauge
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Good work, that's nice. Very professional looking and much better than what I did.
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I just came back from a 12 hour tow, my oil temp remained 200 degrees with a range of 300. My coolant was 195 with a range limit of 300. My trans temperature remained at 145 with a high limit of 300 on the scale. Finally my oil pressure was 45 with a limit of 90 on my scale. These numbers were going thru the Blue Ridge Mts in Virginia/Tennessee.
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Which vehicle Jim?
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This was the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 with the Hemi engine. I only have 18,000 miles on it so it is just getting broken in.
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I have been using a Scan Gauge II since about May or June of this year. I bought it because we had a trip to Utah/Arizona planned for July, and since my FJ has only the standard transmission fluid cooler built into the radiator, I was a bit concerned about monitoring transmission fluid temps while traveling through some of the high mountain passes and hot desert countryside.

On the FJCruisers forum, I found codes to monitor two transmission sensors in the FJ, and programmed the Scan Gauge accordingly with a TF1 and TF2 readout. The gauge I bought online from Gifford Automotive came with a defective cable, but the supplier was very quick to send me a replacement.

I originally mounted the gauge above the steering wheel column, just in front of the instrument panel. However, I was not happy with that location, since the gauge blocked site of some of the idiot lights along the bottom of the speedometer. I then made up a bracket and mounted the gauge on the "hand grip" above the dashboard near the drivers side door.

This location worked out much better. Great visibility, easy to operate, and did not interfere with viewing of any of the dashboard gauges.

The auto transmission in my FJ has gears designated D, 4, 3, 2 and 1, and Toyota recommends keeping in 4th while towing. I found that non-towing (driving in D) in relatively flat terrain in summer type weather, the transmission fluid temperatures after continuous driving were typically in the range of about 165 to 180F. While towing (in 4th gear) on relatively flat terrain in summer, the transmission temps typically stayed between about 175 to 200F. I did notice really early that the transmission temperatures are about 10-20 hotter if I forgot to use 4th gear while towing and left the transmission in D. Apparently, this is because the torque converter is locked when driving in 4th.

Of the two temperature sensors on my transmission, one of them is much more sensitive to temp changes than the other, and tends to climb rapidly when the transmission is working hard. From posts by others on the FJ forum, it seems that this sensor may be located right at the outlet from the torque converter.

My highest recorded transmission fluid temperatures occurred while towing on a couple of very high mountain passes in Utah. While climbing up these steep mountain roads to near 9000 ft elevation, the transmission fluid temperatures would climb to the 220-230F range. However, on one section of one pass in Utah, the TF temperature rose to nearly 250F, which was beginning to worry me. Good news was that the temperatures always stayed high for only a few moments and dropped off very quickly when the transmission load was reduced.

The Scan Gauge has been a very useful tool in monitoring the TF temperatures and towing performance, and has helped me to understand much better how my rig is operating. Given that 99% of my towing is not going to be up-down high mountain passes in extremely hot weather, I don't really see that I will need to buy a secondary TF cooler for the FJ, and I think that I will continue as things are now set up. The Scan Gauge does have the added benefit of allowing you to monitor fuel consumption and mileage (and a host of other things) as you drive, which is quite useful as the FJ does not have stock capabilities to report those figures. It was well worth the purchase price and I am glad I bought it.
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This ^ I run one also since no gauge package exists for a Tacoma to allow monitoring of tranny, voltage etc.
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We picked up our Escape 19 in June and spent the next 2 months touring BC, WA, and OR before heading back to MA, so I also have some transmission data to report from our 2014 Toyota 4Runner.

Before the trip, I installed a Long 4589 21000btu auxiliary transmission cooler in series after the factory radiator cooler, mounted in front of the ac condenser. I have no before/after temperature comparisons, but would guess that it lowers the transmission fluid temperature by 20-30 degrees F.

The scangauge xgauge codes are:
txd rxf rxd mth name
07E02182 046105820000 3808 00090005FFD8 TFT trans torque temp/F
07E12182 046105820000 2808 00090005FFD8 TFP trans pan temp/F

Our highest peak temperature was driving east from Port Alberni BC:
206 degrees F at the torque converter outlet of the transmission
186 degrees F in the pan of the transmission
191 degrees F coolant temperature
90 degrees F outside temperature
I didn't record the speed, but it was about 35mph -- we were passing logging trucks but being passed by other traffic.

The 4Runner transmission torque converter will lock in 4th above 45mph with a light to moderate load, and when locked, the transmission fluid temperature stays low. But drop to 3rd gear or give it lots of gas and the torque converter will unlock and the temperature will climb. Interstate highways are not usually an issue, as the grades are 6% or less and careful driving can keep the torque converter locked. Secondary roads with lower speeds and higher grades are the challenge, as it is not always possible to keep the torque converter locked.

Having both the torque converter and pan temperatures from the ScanGauge is very informative. When the torque converter is locked, the temperatures are the same, so you can see instantly the lock/unlock status. I'm told the over-temperature warning light comes on at 302 degrees F, but by then, the fluid is suspect and the transmission is at risk. So having some other gauge like the ScanGauge is IMO important unless your tow vehicle is overprovisioned.

Bill R

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