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I love this definition of "News". News is something that happens rarely, which is why it is interesting. So, if somebody, somewhere, had the fresh water on the RV tampered with, that would be news. And, then we all hear about it, worry about it.
PS. I spent 42 years as a news photographer and I don't ever recall being assigned to such an incident.

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Personally, I am amazed how little (that is, essentially nothing) is maliciously done to RVs in campgrounds, given how many vulnerable systems are freely accessible. If I were going to worry about the water fill, there are a bunch of other things I could worry about, and RVs are supposed to be for relaxation, not worry.

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There are probably no water tampering incidents because 99.9% of the hatches have locking doors. In addition, the hose can easily be stolen if not locked. That would likely be the bigger problem.
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I have had both, the locking is not really secure, it has the same generic lock everyone has and it is hard to hook up in line filters without short pieces of hose. The once pictured is now being used on majority of units, 6 of 1 or half a dozen of the other, I guess.
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We have had 5 campers (3 pop ups, 1 stick built, 1 Casita) and none had a cover over the city water connection where the hose connects. Its always just been a connection on the side if the trailer. The on board tank fill has been the only thing that has had a locking cover over it and they all are keyed the same anyway so almost anyone that had a key to get in. Had the same key for my pop ups and my casita. Key #CH751 if I remember correct.
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Originally Posted by hillary View Post
Is there a rash of water tank tampering issues I should know about but don't because I'm a newbie?
I really doubt it too, probably just how worrisome people seem to have gotten over the last bunch of years. I know people who reach behind me as I enter their house to lock the deadbolt, even before greeting me. Heck, in the last 20+ years we rarely locked our house, as the kids were growing up they never even carried keys. I prefer to no worry about things as some others do.

I can see how the new style filler has advantages of being easier to hook up, the connections look a little beefier too. As others have pointed out, the cover on the locking ones is real flimsy. I actually prefer the look of the on with a cover, as it looks sleeker and will protect the inside plastic stuff from some damage and dirt, plus I think it looks sleeker. That said, I wish it was a cover, and non-locking, as I find the lock nothing but a pain.
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I saw this mod using a piece of garden hose to hook to your white hose and then from that to the campsite water supply. Then slip the piece of hose into the trailer's fresh water intake:


Half-way down the page on this site: Jeff's RV Page

Maybe this would help some of you having trouble connecting. I would think it also might preserve the trailer's built-in connector as you would not be repeatedly connecting and disconnecting to it. Easier to replace the piece of hose than the trailer's connector.
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Originally Posted by Floating Cloud View Post
In addition, the hose can easily be stolen if not locked.
The freshwater hose, the sewer hose, and detachable power cords are typically all easily stolen... yet they stay put. A detachable 50-amp power cord is very expensive, so it seems like an obvious target.
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Yeah if someone is going to steal something from the outside of my trailer it's going to be the $100+ battery off the back bumper or my expensive extension cord and adaptor not the <$20 freshwater hose! And really, it's not that hard to break into a trailer anyway.
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Response from Escape

The locking water fill has been discontinued from our supplier. You have the newest version of the standard water fill.

The tank moniter system relys on stainless probes in the side of the tanks. As the water level rises, the water acts as a conductor between the ground and the 1/3, 2/3, and full probes. As the tank is deeper at the drain end, I would imagine that 4 gallons is just enough to show 1/3. 1/3 may show up quickly, but the level between 2/3 and full may take much more water between levels.


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