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I kinda like our Escape. I even expressed that on Fiberglass yesterday. Got
some positive feedback from other Escape cheerleaders. My Daughter was a high school cheerleader, now she would like to get a fiberglass camper. She's a graduate of the Fisher School of Business at Ohio State. Some day I will have her explain to me all about business models. Nut don't roll too far from the tree they say.

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Alf, it also seems like a solution for the self-medicated.

"A billion here, a billion there...add it all up and before you know it you're talking real money." Everett Dirkson
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Originally Posted by MyronL View Post
Alf, it also seems like a solution for the self-medicated.
Hi: MyronL... The interior's of both seem institutional to me... but then I'm only an Escape "Cheerleader". Alf
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Originally Posted by MyronL View Post
You stumpted me, Jubal. Where's Oliver getting this model? Camping World doesn't list it. They do have an "Elite" on sale for $2,799.97 but it don't seem to be an RM2454 and they don't give its dimentions. Dometic does mention an Americana single door RM2454, but it is a whopping 4.28 cu.ft.
It's the same size as we have now for all real life purposes. Key factor if it can get thru the door, and is the freezer is removable. I know it works better than what we have now because I went thru an Oliver last summer, their fridge was running well at about 3 dots while mine was on 5 dots and just at 40 degrees.

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I guess that I am also a cheerleader.

Reace was proactive in identifying a potential issue with the solar panel attachments and recommended a fix for all affected trailers even though problems had been encountered by only a small percentage. In my opinion, that is good proactive thinking on his part. I stopped in at ETI last August to have them do their recommended upgrade on improving the attachment of the solar panel to the roof of my 2013 19'. When they were done, their method of attachment was not visible from the inside of the trailer and from the inside I could not see any signs of holes, bolts, buttons, etc. Based on my experience, I don't think that anyone needs to worry about the impact of the ETI "fix" on the interior looks or usability of their trailer.

The Escape trailers are by no means perfect (nothing is), but Escapes are definitely well made, especially in comparison to other brands with similar features. It seems that a couple of the most negative posters on this forum have had issues with their Escapes that have been understandably troubling to them, but for the most part, those problems are not widespread and are certainly not indicative of the experience of most Escape owners. The refrigerator cooling issue that had caused grief for a number of Escape owners in the past couple of years is due to a faulty product supplied by Dometic, and has no relevance on the overall quality of the Escape build. Reace et al. at ETI have taken an active role in working to resolve the fridge issues, and many of those impacted by the faulty larger Dometic fridges did in fact have their fridges replaced through a deal struck between Reace and Dometic.

It is Reace's interest in making sure customers are happy with their trailers that is one of the greatest things about the overall Escape product.
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Originally Posted by Jubal View Post
"As a prospective buyer researching the solar option, just got through reading this whole thread. It was disheartening to read about the issues the owners of these trailer's who purchased the solar panels option have had. "

You should consider an Oliver Trailer. Following the "helpful suggestions" of several members "to sell our trailer and cut our losses if we are dissatisfied", we have been pursuing that path. We spent 2 weeks using my brothers Oliver Legacy EliteII travel trailer to gain some perspective. We also took a tour of the factory.
With the exception of the increased weight and cost, the Oliver was superior to the Escape 19 in every way ! Yes, the refer does work at temps above 85 degrees F. and would fit through the ETI trailer entrance door.
By supplying the parts to repair the solar panels mounting and the frame, ETI shifts the responsibility (culpability) to the owner. After the problems with the solar panels, frame, and wiring we are seeking a better way to spend our free time.
While it could be construed as a "shift", I would also like to believe Escape was just trying to provide a fix as quickly as possible considering the product defect was maybe rolling around North America somewhere. I was just sharing my perspective as a prospective buyer which in hindsight may have been a mistake and sort of expected some of the responses.... just like kicking a fire ant bed or mentioning certain silicon vendors on engineering forums. Guessing you do not go to the Escape rallies based on the love the other Escapes heaped upon on you for your response in this thread. Visited another trailer mfg that was being considered and they even recommended the company you speak of for buyers that wish to delve into how a trailer is designed....just looking for something that is reasonably well built/designed and worth the expenditure in the price range one is willing to dump into a trailer...maybe now, maybe later...or maybe never.
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I am a member of the Oliver Forum and have seen all their models over the past 5 years in Tennessee. They are heavy and expensive, at least $15k more than the Escape. That said they do have some nice features. I met Mr.Oliver and Robert Partee, the sales manager 3 years ago when they brought the Legacy II prototype to Townsend. It had storage drawers built into the aluminum frame, really nice. I suggested the vented heat to the bath room since my 19' Escape bath was not heated. They do build a nice product, but money and weight keeps me away.
On the forum they have issues with their windows leaking and electrical issues which are worked out since they are a growing company with growing pains.
The Oliver forum is no where as nice as this one nor are the members as friendly, very cold.
The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why………..Mark Twain
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Is that "Ant Hill Country" Freespirit? Wow, you sure got some feisty responses here; not too surprising though

So here's an idea for the Rally, just remember who suggested it

I could see this actually being done and with the alcohol consumption professed by many there could even be a few attempted front flips (or faceplants)
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Originally Posted by cpaharley2008 View Post
The Oliver forum is no where as nice as this one nor are the members as friendly, very cold.
The Oliver Forum is owned by the manufacturer. Maybe that's the difference?
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Originally Posted by Iowa Dave View Post
Nut don't roll too far from the tree they say.
You saying your daughter is nuts too?

Sounds kinda like my own daughter and me!

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