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Needed Accessories for Trailer Pick-Up

I've been reading this forum for some time. Of all the advice available, one of the best suggestions for me was someone who, essentially, said, "wait till you get your trailer to see what you need".

While I intend to do that, when visiting folks who graciously showed us their trailers, some said Escape didn't supply some things they needed from day one (like a hitch locking device,...).

Given that we intend to do the pick-up/shake down kind of thing... What things will I NEED to purchase ahead of time and have on hand when I pick up my trailer this spring?

Thanks for the input.

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To eliminate delays on pickup, make sure your tow vehicle has a properly wired 7 pin connector with a working brake controller.

If you get the starter kit from Escape, they will pre-fill the propane tanks before you pick up. The kit also includes other essentials including rv toilet paper and wheel chocks.

Bring enough cooking pots, dishes, and bedding for your initial trip. You can purchase food after picking up the Escape. Escape can provide blocking to put under the corner stabilizers, but you may wish to bring more for levelling the wheels.

I would hold off on buying baskets and other customization until you are home and have a better feel for your needs.

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I wouldn't put an anti-theft lock on a "needed" list, let alone a "needed on the day of pickup" list, but perhaps I'm too trusting.

There's a difference between "needed to pick up" and "needed to camp". Generally, to pick it up you need to be able to tow it safely; to camp it in you will likely need very different things. For instance:

Needed to Pick Up
  • hitch on tug
  • ball mount in hitch, of correct height
  • ball in mount, of correct size (2")
  • electrical receptacle on tug, wired at least for lights and brakes
  • brake controller
  • something to chock trailer wheels when unhitched
  • weight-distribution system - only if required to stay within tug's rated limits, such as rear axle load

Needed to Camp (some of which may be supplied by Escape - I don't know)
  • sewer hose
  • fresh water hose
  • bedding
  • whatever you need to cook and clean
  • ...

I'm sure others can provide much better lists for "needed to camp", but keep in mind that this is about what is needed from day one and can't wait for any time at all living with the trailer.
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ETI has a kit with just about everything, including propane fill. fresh water hose, water pressure regulator, sewer hose, locks for the hitch, wheel chocks, look under the "Starter Kit"
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Will your tow vehicle need extended mirrors?
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You have quit the drive back home. If your vacationing back home to Illinois from the pickup you will want and need everything it takes to enjoy your trip.
We were out and about for a month after pickup. Our vehicle was ready for tow and the bed was level full of the things we normally needed to be out camping. It is an exciting time in your life. I too would suggest waiting till you get home to start your modifications. It is human nature to get and take all the new furnishings and gadgets for your new trailer right off the bat. That can wait. One of the things that suprised us was the lack of towel racks in the bathroom of our new 5.0. Something I did add before arriving home. I say bring a lock. You just never know if some scumbag will try and make off with your new Escape while it's unhitched. When the time arrives, enjoy the trip. Think of it as a vacation.
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Brian's list is good if you're just towing it home.

To camp, your trailer may need...
Black Tank Treatment solution
Stinky Slinky with 90 degree end for the dump station, may need tools to put it together.
Rubber Gloves for the above, Purell
25' fresh water "white" hose, maybe 2
Pressure Regulator
Tire Iron or some such to retorque the wheel lugs
Paper and pencil, to list all the stuff you find you need
I carry an 8"x8" block for the front jack
15-30 Amp adapter
If you are married, walkie talkies

Whatever you need to camp.

Do a walk around after you think you're hooked up to travel.
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There is a great list of "setup and maintenance" in files with a great picture. A longer list was posted that I downloaded before but I don't remember who posted it. A great 2 page list that should be placed in files. I didn't find it there. But maybe the person who posted it could submit it again.
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I believe the Stinky Slinky comes with the trailer, but you won't be able to fit one with a 90 degree elbow into the storage tube ( unless that has changed ).
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Extensive lists are great, but I think the request was for:
Originally Posted by pkgman51 View Post
What things will I NEED to purchase ahead of time and have on hand when I pick up my trailer this spring?
Maybe people could skim through the full lists and pick out those items that should not wait for even the first Walmart stop on the inaugural trip. I don't think there will be many, especially if the starter kit is purchased from ETI.

I see that the Starter Kit is offered in the Options list for each Escape model, but I have not found a description of its contents, other than as mentioned in this thread by Dave and Jim.

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