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My trailer is a/c ready, so there is a vent where the air conditioner would go. I removed the trim ring around the vent. There is about a 1 inch gap between the fiberglass roof and a 1/8 inch plywood panel that is the ceiling. Glued to the underside of the plywood is 3/8 inch foam insulation and the vinyl headliner. No reflectex between the roof and the plywood ceiling. As a benefit, the gap allows attaching a solar panel using fasteners without having anything poke through the ceiling.

I removed the vent trim ring in the bathroom, too. No insulation. On a 15b one can look beneath the stove and see the area between the front of the bathroom and the shell.

Donna is right about the bathroom being several piecces. I meant to describe it as a single unit, separate from the trailer shell.

It is quite possible that Escape now adds more reflectex than before. I just recommend finding out, particularly where the bathroom is concerned. And a little more above the ceiling wouldn't hurt.

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Viajante - interesting - thanks! Curiouser and curiouser as I never knew there was any plywood on the ceiling.

Eric (and Mary who is in no way responsible for anything stupid I post)

"Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance." George Bernard Shaw
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" I thought that in 2010 I was told that the standard insulation is the foam backed vinyl and that relectix is applied everywhere possible as part of the extra package."

Yes you have it right. Standard is the R5 foam backed vinyl. I thought I read the extra reflectix insulation is approx. R15
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My original intent was to help prospective buyers realize that if they didn't order the insulation package they would have large areas of the trailer with NO insulation at all. Even with the insulation package I estimate that I have 3 to 4 square feet in my trailer with nothing on the outside walls. (see previous pictures of cabinet under the fridge). Insulating all of the outside walls should be standard.
Tim and Julie
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Techfan, Whats the red police light hanging out of your window? Im sure there is a good joke in there somewhere.
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> I haven't read much on the what if's for making some kind of repairs or wanting to do a mod.
> Does the foam clean off piping and such easily?
> What is the procedure for repairing the foam you might have to tear out? Cans of spray foam from the hardware store?
> Now that they spray black foam underneath, how do you match that repair color?
> Has anybody had rodents chew out a warm, new home underneath during storage?
> How much weight does it add to the Escape?
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Surprisingly, my yellow foam would wash off with a hose, other than road tar, dirt would wash off. Now they spray it black, I'm sure either gloss or flat will work if you want touch up, no rodents, it can be cut/shaped with a knife, you will see where the fresh tank and low point drains have been cut out to expose. I think the weight was somewhere around 75 lbs for the 19' unit, maybe 85# estimate for the 21'
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Here is a picture of our friends 19' bathroom under construction in September. Ours was done the same way but this pictures shows the insulation better.

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Originally Posted by Canadark View Post
On the underbelly spray foam insulation, I remember seeing something on the forum stating you can get just the spray foam without the 12v heat pads for $500 (instead of $750 when you get both)...

I'm planning to go that route when I order my 15'--just get the foam w/o the 12v heat pads.
I see the logic, but since adding the heaters later would be unreasonable, I would probably get the heaters if I were getting the spray foam. It gets cold here...

Originally Posted by cpaharley2008 View Post
I had the foam with the 12v pads on my Escape 19' and opted only for the foam on my Escape 21'. You have to be hooked up to use the 12v heat pads and if you are hooked up your tanks will not freeze. I camped down to -0- without any issue in my 19' (except for condensation)
I assume that's zero F, or -18 C. For those who want to go winter (not fall or spring) camping in areas that see serious winter, that wouldn't be good enough. Tanks under the floor - even insulated - may still freeze without heaters. Yes, this is an extreme use...
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Originally Posted by Canadark View Post
I have to say, as much as I believe in the Escape product, that is one design element I hate: your fresh water tank being outside the unit and vulnerable to freezing. Just doesn't make sense to me...the tank should be in one of the dinette bench areas like Casita does.
Fresh water tanks are more commonly under the floor than above the floor, across all types of RV and especially in travel trailers. Underfloor freshwater tanks are less common in the moulded fiberglass trailers than in other types, I assume because the early examples (such as 13' Bolers) were designed to be as low as possible and underfloor tanks were not practical.

I value interior storage space, and would not want to move the underfloor freshwater tank into the interior of my current 17' Boler, or the similar Escape models.

I suspect that only a very small fraction of travel trailers are ever used in temperatures much below freezing.

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