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Dometic 6.7 Cu. Ft. Fridge strategy for new trailer orders

Rather than muddy the existing forum thread on the Dometic 6.7 fridge's performance, here's a new thread for folks like us who have a trailer with the big fridge on order and have not yet finalized our build list.

Through Kim, I've learned that that Escape will continue to install the same unit for the foreseeable future, at least up to our due date in mid-September. That leaves us with these options:

1. Do nothing now, and retrofit the US$70 Fridge Fix internal fan if the fridge's performance doesn't meet our needs (see cpaharley2008's thread);

2. Pay $125 for Escape's Texas Fan option in our build, then retrofit the Fridge Fix if needed.

Am I over-thinking this for someone who will be camping mainly in temperate weather, spring and fall?

I'm told the freezer unit can be removed to make more room for food that just need to be cooled. Is the fridge's performance adequate in hot weather if no food needs to be kept frozen?

Do most of these fridge units cool adequately without extra fans?

What are other folks with trailers on order planning to do?

Brent and Cheryl.
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Hello Courtney the same boat. Did Kim say whether ETI would install the Fridge Fix? $?

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We are in the same boat with a completion date of October 17. We have the Texas fan on our build sheet. I'm looking forward to hearing results from anyone with a Texas fan. Does it seem to help? Was it installed during the build or was it added later?

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We don't do summer either. Just got mine, had the Texas Fan option added as it'd be a pain to do it later. I'll hold off on the Fridge Fix till

1. I see if it works for those who lined up to try it.
2. I'll see if I even need it.

Been playing with the empty fridge with the temps in the low 90's, with the afternoon sun on the fridge side of the trailer both freezer and fridge hold temp fine, so far. Freezer 5-8, fridge 42-47, set to mid point. Deb wants to see if it'll do 2 and 34, lower it goes.
Happy Motoring
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Be sure to let us know your results. There are apparently several needing to know.
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You'll note that Mike Bakker said that he will be developing a model designed from the ground up for the Dometic 8551/5 model. That may argue for waiting until that's available. (However, we're not waiting.) The Texas Fan option is something that many (most?) of the dirty dozen or so who have ordered the prototype already have. So having both seems to be thought worthwhile.

Also, my understanding is that the Texas fan is located behind the unit. That argues for ordering it from ETI as part of the original build.

And although you plan to travel only in clement climes, hot days can still occur and/or you might want to travel further afield.


Vella, Glenn, and Abigail
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We have the 6.7 in our 19 ft, it doesn't have a texas fan, we have used one of those little battery operated fans to help it out a bit. It has only been a real issue with poor performance while in Montana the first summer and it was between 35-40 celciuis out side. If the ambient temps are below 30 C it cools ok with the little fan inside that always seems to fall out when I open the door. As we do from time to time travel in areas where its above 30 C which I think is some where around 90 F. We are getting the texas fan option in the new 21 ft and I would love to do away with that stupid little battery fan. I suspect performance of this fridge with the fridge fix fan would be very good in most temperatures. It would seem that most rv fridges have these type of issues . I don't personally think this a problem exclusive to Escape or Dometic
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The boat is getting crowded!

We are in the same boat as the rest of you since we pick up our 21 on 9/25. Our build sheet was final on 7/1, and overall we haven't had any problems with the fridge in our 17b, so here's our strategy for now:

1) We included the Texas Fan option on the order. It just seemed easier, and apparently has a thermostatically controlled fan, which should help out in warmer temps.

2) We have a blue battery operated fan to circulate air in the fridge. It may or may not be sufficient with a larger fridge, but it is a "sunk cost" (not that there was much cost to sink)

3) If we find the fridge to be too warm, we will go ahead and order a Fridge Fix solution. That will probably be next summer, and maybe there will be a more standard Fridge Fix by then.

if enough of us are unhappy with our refrigerators, we can probably put together enough folks for another limited production run of the fridge fix.
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I don't have a trailer with a 6.7 on order but IMHO most of you are worrying for no reason. This issue may be blown out of proportion and have you concerned. Only a forum wide survey would give us a real world indication. Unless you live in the deep south and summer camp, your 6.7 is likely to perform just fine. On my recent trip to the great lakes region, my 5 cf cooled just fine. It was only when we arrived back into the heat & humidity of this region, that we needed our fans and ice chest. I believe ETI started adding the "Texas fan" as an option after a number of Escapes were sold to owners in Texas. Thus the fan option was coined.
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Not worrying, just planning. Once wifey retires we are likely to go anywhere anytime. Old Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared.

Charlie Y

Need custom storage to your design? Don't drill holes!
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