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Originally Posted by Donna D. View Post
When I mentioned to Robert the express lanes through Seattle, I meant for when he's trying to get to Chilliwack, not for coming back through with the trailer.

If he's in Pendleton right now, by time he gets there... traffic is going to be a bear starting just north of Olympia right through the northend of Seattle. The express lanes will help.

Be patient Robert!
Or you can just be up at 3:57 a.m. like Donna.

Don & Teresa
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Fortunately they are crossing the Cascades on I90 and won't have to deal with Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle.
Boeing traffic in Everett ramps up where they'll join I5 around 1:30 in the afternoon, but thins out after Marysville/Arlington.

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Originally Posted by dfandrews View Post
Or you can just be up at 3:57 a.m. like Donna.
Ohhh, I was up earlier than that...
Donna D.
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Originally Posted by rbryan4 View Post
Good evening everyone. We are in Pendleton Oregon tonight and on to Chilliwack tomorrow. The mileage took a 1.5 mpg hit today. The entire day on I84 we were driving directly into a 40 mph headwind. Semis were swaying like fish! The mileage was still respectable though at about 23.9 mpg.

I can smell Canada....
Welcome to Canada!
I will be very interested in your return milage results.
Do you have the 36 gallon fuel tank? Sadly we have a 20 US gallon tank resulting in a short 275M range.
We tow with a not Eco boost AWD Ford Flex which is approx 200 pounds heavier than your TV.
Our fuel consumption drops from 23 down to 14.5 miles to the US gal when towing.
It will be interesting to see if the Eco Boost feature narrows the gap between towing and not towing at highway speeds.
Did you have time to load the juke box before you left?
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Originally Posted by rbryan4 View Post
Yep, I'm aware of the Oregon law. We won't need gas in Oregon. I filled up yesterday morning in Roswell NM and just this evening in Ogden I decided to fill up again even though I had a quarter tank left. Won't need gas again for at least 950 miles.

I know that sounds unbelievable but that's what 26 mpg and a 36 gallon fuel tank will do for you.
Looks like he got the big tank.
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With that range I'd have to make an excuse to stop for gas, just to use the rest room........
The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why………..Mark Twain
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That is a pretty amazing cruising range for sure. Don't know if my heart could
Take paying for 30 or 35 gallons of fuel if or when it goes back to $4.00. When I'm on the road I like to stop about every 150 miles and move around a little and check the trailer. I will go 200 but that's about my limit. My kids will run 300, stop for 5 minutes and drive 300 more. When I was their age I didn't own anything that would go that far without repairs. Pictures of the new 19 and new tow hooked up as the modern combination of the Texas Cannonball are much anticipated.
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Good evening all! Made it to Chilliwack at about 4 pm. We hit the 405 in the Seattle area about noon and it was a piece of cake. I did the speed limit (it was mostly 60 mph) the entire time and was able to use the cruise control almost the entire time as people flew past me at least 10 mph over the limit. The only issues were the crazies who make multiple lane changes, use no signals, and are a positive danger to themselves and everybody else. Had to tap on the brakes a few times as they cut in front of me, otherwise I didn't even have to touch the brakes. Time of day appears to be key. Noon is fine.

The PITA traffic was when we turned off I5 in Bellingham and headed toward Sumas. Nothing but big dump trucks doing 25-30 in a 50 zone for several miles. We got past that by Nooksack, then it was smooth sailing to Sumas. The Border official at the Sumas crossing was VERY thorough, and also asked to see the paperwork for our trailer. He also asked for the dog's vaccination records, which we made sure we had with us.

Mileage is back up to the 25.5 mpg area. A little wind from Pendleton to Kennewick then it let up and the average went back up. I'm not used to a vehicle that gives me such a granular breakdown of mileage numbers, but it does help to encourage me to squeeze out as much mpg as I can. My hand calculations / log come up with the exact same numbers as the dash does, which means I can trust what the truck is telling me.

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with the 2.7L Ecoboost after driving it for 2300 miles in all kinds of conditions. Passing is effortless, particularly on a steep mountain grade. I think it will be a fine tow vehicle and can't wait to hook up tomorrow morning and head to our first campsite.


"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy an RV. And that is pretty close."
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Wow, what a range! Congrats on the new tow and the new trailer. I know it's exciting and my day is coming in late May!
Steve & Julie
Covington, Louisiana

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Glad you got to Chilliwack safely Robert! I'm equally impressed with my F-150 ecoboost. There's something about that big green bar in the dash that makes you pay attention to the pressure on the right foot!

Exciting times ahead!

Donna D.
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