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Makes sense to me. After all, I'm not the importer/exporter -- ETI is. But this may be strictly a Texas DMV requirement. Don't know if it's actually needed yet since Essex has previously asked for a "required" form that it turns out was not actually required.

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Twice, while living in Utah I bought non-operable vehicles that I wanted titled before bringing them back into the state. Utah had a form to verify the VIN and any law enforcement officer could sign it off. I used a local Montana city police once and a local S. Dakota city cop the second time. Also in California I had a VIN verified by a local officer that happened to be a friend of mine. Do you suppose a Mounty could sign the form or a Chilliwack city officer? They may only look for a signature and a title.

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Each state/bank has their own registration rules, some of which run contrary to being convenient. Several owners have picked up their trailer and towed them home without plates, some over a period of time. Here in Pennsylvania the vin number has to be inspected in person by an authority before plates, thus no plates before actual physical presence at the dmv.
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Perhaps get with ETI I know since the last problem of registration in MD they went to a new form maybe that will suffice for your finance company. See Post 65 July 4th is my date!!!!

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I did not use a lender, so I know not of thier requirements.
Before registering tho, I went to the tax office and they gave me a list of forms I needed to have with me. Honestly I am in Guadalupe Co, which seems to be more friendly then Bexar, but it could not have gone more smoothly!
You know that every year the "rules" change, but I would ask the tax office first.
Good luck on the process! Great to have another local Escape!

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Unfortunately (at least for those of us in Bexar County, TX) we do need to have the VIN doc signed by SAPD before tags can be issued. It is somewhat of a PIA because the office is located in downtown San Antonio with almost no parking or much signage to indicate the office. But it is an easy enough process and only takes a few minutes. You can get a 30 day temp tag for your journey home.

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My Tennessee experience was uneventful at the local DMV/tax office when I took the complete packet that Tammy sent a month ahead of pickup, but my tip is to take a printed Canada/U.S. conversion showing the smaller actual sales price in U.S. currency. The DMV felt compelled to try to charge the 7% sales tax on the considerably higher Canadian sales price, but I talked them out of it after an hour with the help of the official looking Royal Bank of Canada page.
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My suggestion, based on the experiences I had trying to register my trailer in NY when I was picking it up in Chilliwack & then spending 3 months on the road before returning to NY is to try a couple of different registration offices for the form, explaining your problem.

In my case, even different individuals behind the counter in the same office had completely different ideas on how to get the plate for my trailer, ranging from "it can't be done" to "do it through the mail once the trailer is in the US" to the final solution where they handed me the plate (of course after taking my registration fee & the sales tax on the trailer). In my case they accepted the unsigned import form (that Tammy sent me) as proof that it was imported from Canada as a new trailer. I suspect the person behind the counter didn't even know there was a stamp & signature placed on the form when the trailer went through customs, and just accepted the form.

I realize Texas uses different criteria, but I'm amazed how much flexibility there is in NY's DMV.
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In Kansas, any vehicle brought in from out of state has to be physically inspected for the VIN to match the paperwork. And then they relieve you of a nice crisp 20 for this "service". Loren
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Originally Posted by rbryan4 View Post
A month on temp tags? Don't really like the idea.
Although I'm not a fan of temporary licensing either, it seems to be very accepted down there. Many years ago I rented a vehicle in Houston and drove it for a week of vacation. It was so new it had only a paper temporary tag in the rear window, and even that was hard to see due to the tint. I thought this seemed like a bad idea likely to cause problems - especially since we spent most of the time in another state (Louisiana) - but no one cared and we saw lots of other vehicles with similar temporary tags. Of course, we weren't doing anything to attract law enforcement attention, so we didn't really find out if there would have been an issue. I don't know if the situation has changed in the decade or two since then.

Some jurisdictions (such as Alberta) don't bother renewing trailer licenses. Others don't require licensing at all for small trailers. Does anyone really care about a trailer with a temporary tag?

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