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KarenB, do you mean that you have the standard cord that you did not pay extra for?

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The inverter has an on/off switch. In our 19', there is a push button on the outside of the drivers side dinette bench seat. It takes a few seconds to cycle on. Once on, all the 110 outlets will be live. If you have a microwave, you will see that light up. Otherwise, try plugging a small appliance or night light in. If they don't work, try pushing one of the circuit breakers - either by the sink or the outside outlet. I found you need to use something other than your finger to reset it, such as the back of a pencil.

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Originally Posted by KarenB View Post
...The reason I ask is that we have had some problems with the removable power cord, tricky to get it in just right. Sooo, while fiddling with it, to make sure it was in correctly and power functioning, I would run in & check refrig light to see if it switched from propane to ac....someone in the campground suggested just getting a night light plugged into receptacle by door so don't have to run in to open frig. ...
One thing to keep in mind is if you have the EMS there is a delay from the time you plug the exterior cord into AC power until the EMS switches AC power to the interior devices. In my 19', I always have to wait a few minutes after plugging in before the air conditioner will work or the fridge will work on AC power.
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Thanks all who replied.
Just spoke with Reace.
You can only absorb so much during orientation, right??
Totally spaced out the inverter/transfer switch. And forgot about the 3 min delay after plugging in
So all is well....K
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Originally Posted by KarenH View Post
I'm not sure what type of problem you're having with the removable power cord but it only goes in one way and then twists to lock into position; the outer ring is then engaged (threaded on) to further secure the cord in place.

Don't know about the other questions.

Edited: And it takes a few seconds for the refer to "search" for the best or default power source so don't rush there (oops...that's the 3CF refer, don't know about the larger ones).
Find the 4.3 frig works the same . Pat
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When I went through orientation, I was told to plug into the power, hookup the water and sit in a lawn chair for a while! Karen is right it can take some time for the surge protector to figure out if the power is clean.... once you see the correct code on the display for the surge protector (E 0), turn on the frig. "A" for automatic (switches to propane if needed).

Does this help at all?
Donna D.
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Originally Posted by Patandlinda View Post
Find the 4.3 frig works the same . Pat
And we have the surge protection also . Pat
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The time delay on the EMS varies depending on how long it takes to send the data from the computer to the display. In some places we have power almost instantaneously. In others, it takes up to two or three minutes before the display reads normal and power is supplied. I remember at one campground on our first trip, with a lot of transient voltage/dirty power, we thought the 30amp hookup stand was defective. Went and actually got the campground manager to check it out! By the time we got back to the trailer the power was working. Couldn't figure it out until I read the manual. A DUH moment.
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Did the same thing!
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Originally Posted by Rossue View Post
One of our favorite options. In the Escape 21 there are 5 AC outlets standard, however you must be hooked up to shore power to use them. With an inverter(we opted for the largest one ETI offers: 1500W) we can run a Vitamix blender. Some run other small appliances like TV's & DVD players that aren't 12V. It will power the microwave ETI sells- it is a small one, 700W I believe. If you get the inverter you really should get the transfer switch(making ALL, not just one outlet live). Looking recently at ETI's options list that may be the only way they sell it now.
Good to know that you can run a Vitamix... this is important to us.

ETI seems to currently offer a $550 one plug or $850 ALL plugs install on the inverter...

why bother spending the extra $300 to have all plugs change-over?

We would want the 120 v in the kitchen only (I THINK) ... for Vitamix, and maybe for espresso machine, and maybe rarely a very small portable microwave. (not built in)

thanks for any thoughts

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