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To OB or not to OB

Originally Posted by gbaglo View Post
Heavy stuff goes in lower cupboards.
Bungee cords strung through the cupboard handles will help keep them closed.
I'd offer more, like have cupboards dedicated to certain things, and put stuff back in the same place, but the Old Bag likes to put things where ever there is room.
I can't help myself but I must tell you that I find your referrals to your wife as "the Old bag" EXTREMELY offensive, which you have done a few times lately! Please keep your marital issues out of this forum. They don't belong here any more than political comments which you have gone out of your way to screen.

Glen you should be ashamed of yourself! If not I am for you! You are a total embarrassment. I WANT YOU TO REMOVE YOURSELF AS A SITE TEAM MEMBER! YOU DON'T BELONG HERE AS A OFFICIAL OF ANY KIND.

OK, in all farness how do the rest of you feel ... please speak up.


Progress is man's ability to complicate simplicity.
Thor Heyerdahl
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Glenn's reference to his wife is a play on words based on his name. In that context, I don't find it offensive at all. He's perhaps the most helpful, no-nonsense member of the forum I've come across, and has helped me many times. I think you need to lighten up, and not take things so seriously. This forum thrives because of the good-hearted and congenial nature of it's members.

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy an RV. And that is pretty close."
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Tom, you might have met Leslie (The Old Bag in the reference) at Osoyoos. I have met her a bunch of times before, and she does not seem to be bothered in the least by that play on words. In fact, it is almost like their own term of endearment. Having heard this pet name for Leslie lots over the last 7 years, frankly I don't even notice it.

I refer to my wife as the Little Big Dog all the time, and no offence is taken, as in fact that is her role in our pack. Jasper is the Dog, and I am the Big Dog (at least she lets me believe so).

It all comes down to the intention behind the words that really matters.
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“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” — Abraham Lincoln
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I've known Glenn since he joined FiberglassRV on 05-31-2008, I'm not certain I even know his wife's name... I know his daughter's name is Tea Bag....
Donna D.
Ten Forward
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I crack up every time I read it. I don't know Glenn and Leslie, but I imagine they have a very healthy sense of humor, with both enjoying the play on words. I would love to hear what she calls him; probably something just as endearing. Thanks for sharing Glenn!
Steve and Debbie
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At first when Glenn used "Old Bag" I was a little surprised, but honestly I figured he used it because she was anything but!!!! When he refers to her as "Old Bag" I picture someone drop dead gorgeous. I wouldn't want to be a forum administrator and while I don't agree with every decision I think our administrators do an excellent job of keeping this forum civil and welcoming. And there was that one time that Glenn was pretty outspoken about something and he finally wrote that his wife had told him he was being pretty grumpy that evening. Lots of honesty there.
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I enjoy Glenn's humour and had the pleasure of meeting Leslie at the 2015 Escape rally. They are a delightful couple!
Jan and Paul
"Le Bon Oeuf"
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Leslie ( Old Bag ) calls me Baglo. My daughter calls me Glennnnnn. My brother calls his kids, "Litter Bags".
Les is a year and a half older than me and when she phones her friends, she announces, "Old Bag here".
And, that's my story.

Bags, Bagsie, Lobags, Baggers, Bagpipes.
2009 Escape 17B "Toad"
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What happens to the hole when the cheese is gone?
- Bertolt Brecht
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I got it, but I've followed Glenn's posts for years on several forums and he is good with advice and mitigating things that need mitigating. I haven't met him yet, but hope to someday soon. That said, I hear some of what Tom's saying. I think those of us that are familiar with Glenn know and chuckle, but there could potentially be 10-20,000 readers a month who never join, just found the forum, read a bit and don't know the back story. As a forum owner, I have a more global approach and always worry that I'll make some dumb a** comment that those who don't know me won't get. Heck, even those who know me probably won't get it as I lean towards British humor which admittedly leans toward strange.
Anyway, just some rambling thoughts, but I think Glenn is a definitely one of the go to guys here, and I respect his contributions over the years.
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Kitchen Packing?

Kudos to Tom for pointing out a derogatory reference to a spouse. He could have presented it a lot more delicately, but I myself questioned whether his wife found it offensive. Not every spouse would be happy to have this play on a last name out there for all to see. My work environment, with a majority of staff being women, ran afoul of the hospital administration a few times because after years of working together some of our humor offended new comers. (The women on staff often the worst offenders). We had to alter our conversation some to avoid offending others and satisfy the VP who tried to address the complaints. One way to address this is for Glen to set up his computer's word processor to auto add (The Love Of My Life) every time he types his term of endearment. (Just joking here). I think any time we use iffy terms in a public place we risk offending people. I would be interested to know what "junior " members think.

Bob K

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