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Re: Coffee makers + coffee grounds

But Jim, the advantage to the Maxwell House filter packs is that you can use them over and over, with no loss of flavour

Sorry Cheryl.


2009 Escape 17B "Toad"
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North Vancouver, British Columbia

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Re: Coffee makers + coffee grounds

Years ago I had the chance to go sailing with an old guy that had built his own boat. He swore that putting the grounds down the sink did no harm, and actually helped to keep the lines clean. He had sailed this boat across the Pacific with no problems, so it worked for him. I'm not sure about the comparison between a boat and a trailer, but they must be similar.

Last summer I picked up an old style stainless steel percolator in a second hand shop while passing through Bow, Washington. It makes decent coffee, and the sound reminds me of my childhood! When desperate we use Starbucks instant, not bad, but I know, living on the dark side for coffee purists!

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Re: Coffee makers + coffee grounds

Originally Posted by Jim Bennett
There was a previous thread about brewing coffee with lots of info. CLCK As mentioned there I am a bit of a coffee snob. I roast and grind my own beans. Though I have a few favourites, I love trying out beans from different regions, roasted to different levels. Only for espresso or an Americano do I ever go as high as a French roast, and never to Vienna. The more you roast, the less the caffeine left in the bean. Plus, you get lots of interesting flavours at lower roast levels, more notes of fruit and flowers, whereas the darker roasts tend to bring out the chocolate and nutty flavours.

Melitta drip works just as good as most electric drips. There are a bunch of one cup pour through cones like Tim does.

There are a couple of electric coffee makers that work not to bad at all, as they both heat the water to a high enough temp.
The Bonivata is one I have had for a few months that does work pretty good, though I mostly use a moka pot or Aeropress. LINK
The Technivorm is another good one, but fairly pricey. LINK

As far as dealing with the spent grounds, I either send them in the bushes when boondocking, or put them in the garbage if at a campground.
Wow Jim! You really do take your coffee seriously! Have you tried the Kopi Luwak coffee from Indonesia yet? Here is how it is, um, er... 'made':

"The secret of this delicious blend," enthuses the Indonesia Tourism Promotion Board, "lies in the bean selection, which is performed by a luwak, a species of civet cat endemic to Java. The luwak will eat only the choicest, most perfectly matured beans which it then excretes, partially digested, a few hours later. Plantation workers then retrieve the beans from the ground, ready for immediate roasting."

Ha ha ha! I wonder if this is the blend that Tim Hortons uses, it has always tasted like it came from a cat's butt to me!!!

I guess those grounds would have to go to the black tank!

Glenn & Rosemary
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Re: Coffee makers + coffee grounds

No, I haven't tried civet poop coffee yet. I would be glad to, but not at the prices they charge for it. Just like I really like Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffees, but they are not worth the premium you pay. They are plenty of other good coffees out there to be had.
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Re: Coffee makers + coffee grounds

While the Melita systems work just as well as a drip coffee maker, I found them to be a pain for making one cup of coffee. My solution, since I have to have a cup of good coffee each morning, was like Jeff, to add an inverter. In my case it was a 1000W Xantrex ProWatt SW wired with 1/0 cable directly to the batteries. I use a 4 cup electric drip coffee maker that draws 65 amps from the batteries for about 6 minutes. Even with some overnight use of LED lighting, the furnace & some time on my laptop, the solar panel usually brings my batteries back to full in a couple of hours.

As to disposal of he grounds, I just fold up the filter & put it in the garbage.
Jon Vermilye My Travel Blog
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Re: Coffee makers + coffee grounds

We use a Mellita cone dripped into a thermal pump pot. Works great! Heat water on the coleman, outside (keeps all that moisture out, where it belongs). Glenn, i know what you mean re the cones. This last spring we were looking for a new cone, ended up finding one at the local thrift store. Wonder why Mellita would stop selling them individually (they still sell them c/w a carafe).
'07 17B
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Re: Coffee makers + coffee grounds

As jim mentioned water temp when brewing coffee is important, and as jon mentioned just making a single cup of coffee can be handy too. I checked the wattage on our 4 cup machine and although I don't remeber the number I do remember it being very low. It is also very quick and makes good coffee, and can just throw out the filter and coffee when done. I will mostly be using the inverter for this when on the road and travelling so typicaly the solar will have a good chance to replenish the batteries while driving.
MacRae, 21ft
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Re: Coffee makers + coffee grounds

We go "old school" with this percolator:

It's great for dry camping. Just put it on the stove top, wait until it starts "percing", wait 4 more minutes = perfect wake-up juice

Yes, we get some grounds down the sink and into the gray tank when washing the basket, but no problems to report.
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Re: Coffee makers + coffee grounds

Thanks to all for the coffee info. My attempts are usually considered cruel and unusual punishment and "grounds" for divorce !!!. Cheers. Peter
Peter H.
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Re: Coffee makers + coffee grounds

Jim put me on the AeroPress on the previous thread....Just heat your water to 180 degrees, and pour it in. Can't be simpler, or taste better, even if you heat the water over a campfire, or on the stove top, or in a hot pot...electricity or not, you are in business. It's the best, and CHEAP!
Don't put the grounds in your gray tank. The AeroPress is SOOOOOOOO easy to clean!

"In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice. In the morning, I will offer my prayer to you, and wait in expectation" Ps 5:3
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