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Originally Posted by KarenH View Post
Pros and cons here...strong opinions either way. While I have it with my 15A and would probably get it if I had a 17, I wouldn't for a 19 or 21. I still have an empty cubby in my small trailer. It's very expensive and really detracts from the aesthetics of the trailer. Yes, it's nice to have a place for wet stuff (chocks, etc.), but there are other solutions and, in fact, I don't even put that kind of stuff in there.
You're right Karen. Differing opinions. In the 19 I consider the storage box invaluable. It's also a great place for the batteries, and shields the lower front of the trailer from debris. Aesthetically, I dislike the vinyl snap on guards far more than the box.

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy an RV. And that is pretty close."
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Originally Posted by rbryan4 View Post
You're right Karen. Differing opinions. In the 19 I consider the storage box invaluable. It's also a great place for the batteries, and shields the lower front of the trailer from debris. Aesthetically, I dislike the vinyl snap on guards far more than the box.
I agree Robert, the vinyl snaps are fugly, which is why I got rid of them and sprayed the areas with Plasti-dip. Blends right into the trailer and protects great.

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i really liked the storage box on my 17. i always knew where all my outside hook up stuff was located and i didn't have to crawl into the back of a truck or put dirty stuff in my SUV to store and retrieve items.
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-3 burner stove with cover $100

I think a lot of people who get the 3 burner stove don't end up using the 3rd burner. The stove is bigger, so you loose precious counter top space.

-external fridge fan $175
-microwave $110
-2 way hot water tank $200

I probably wouldn't get this again if I were buying new. I would only get this if I expected to live in the trailer for some period of time. Heating the water tank takes just a few oz of propane and you won't recoup your investment.

-foot flush toilet $60

I don't like how the foot flush sits above the floor. Hand flush can be held open by jamming a bottle against the flushing mechanism.

-toilet shut off valve $25
-winterizing t valve $35
-exterior shower $150
-exterior 12V outlet $75 each -consider 1 near awning leg mount
-comes with 1 exterior 120v
-i've seen this recommended for 12v exterior fan
-interior 12v outlet $50 each -consider 1 in front, 1 in back on interior
-comes with 1 12v/USB outlet
-dual 6v batteries $275
-160w solar panel with charge controller $850

Great choice if you like boondocking!

-Inverter 1500w to one outlet or with transfer switch $650 or $950 ??

Many 120 volt appliances could be run from a plug in 200 watt inverter, but if you want to get the inverter for convenience or higher wattage, I would get the transfer switch so that I could run the microwave.

-surge protector $350
-removeable power cord $150
-additional exterior LED lights $75 -center of front above belly band
-in back above belly band
-LED awning strip $170
-AC $1100
-Maxxfan upgrade 7500k $125

For me the remote control is a negative since it could get lost or break. You can reach the ceiling and the space is tiny, so why??

-wireless backup camera $450
-extra insulation an frameless windows w/opening rear window $1500
-opening thermal window in bathroom $300
-additional front window with rock shield, non-thermal $300
-aluminum rim package $475 ??

Cosmetics is the main reason for this option.

-high lift axle $300 ??

This could be beneficial to some, but the standard height seems to be ok for most people, even in some rougher terrain

-power tongue jack $295 ??

Some people think this is a necessity. I view the manual jack as a nice workout.

-exterior access hatch $150
-exterior propane quick connect with hose and adapter $160 ??

Most people use this with a grill. Most fire pits won't work with the quick connect, but the one ETI sells will work if you modify it. ETI will do the modification if you ask, or at least they offered it to me.

-spray foam, with or without heating pads $1000 or $1400 ??

Lots of opinions here. I didn't get the spray foam and like that the bottom is more accessible. If the temperature looks like it's going to be below freezing, I just winterize instead and use water inside using jugs.

-extra cabinet door under bed beside bathroom door $85
-storage box on tongue $700

Very nice option. Makes departing on a trip easier and reduces the time spent after a trip compared to moving things around each time. I like to reduce effort like this to encourage myself to do them more often.

-convert bench seat to u-shaped dinette $400
-vents for bed area dampness/hypervent layer under bed ??
-vents for storage areas ??

Many people do without vents. I got vents and ETI installed mine. When in storage you can always open the doors up to get circulation.

-interior switch for all exterior lights ??
-springfield pedestal with ETI slider
-reinforce walls $100 -inside wardrobe for shelves/hanging bar
-bed wall
-both dinette walls
-interior fridge fan $21 ??
-fridge storage bars $12 ??
-step cover $14
-outdoor rug $50
-wireless temp gauge for fridge $32

?? I just don't have the experience to decide on these.
-Equalizer hitch (pro series 600 in trunnion) with or without sway bar $350 or $475

I think this is an over purchased item. Unless your vehicle manual says it's beneficial I'd recommend against. Many people would disagree with me on this point though.

-hitch lock (included in starter) $15
-hitch wheel $35

Get a wheel boot instead. Much more secure.

-leveling blocks (10) $32

Leveling is important. I like the blocks.

-deluxe sewer tube kit $80

I like anything that reduces the chance of poo on me.

-sand pads (4) $50

These are great. You need something under the bare stabilizers, so why not have them always installed.

-sewer tube adapter $10

These are required in some places.

-starter kit (TP, toilet chemical, gloves, 25' water hose, city water pressure regulator, 2 tandem chocks, propane filled, hitch lock) $190

You need most of these things anyways. I was picky and got my own, but if you're less picky then just get them.

-x chocks $90
-tandem wheel chocks (included in starter kit) $60

I don't know about these two since I have a single axle.

My dad, a mechanical engineer, did a good job of talking me out of an inverter a few months ago, but I can't remember the exact argument and I'm back to leaning toward getting the inverter again...his argument was something about wasting so much battery power converting to 120V, that I should just get a small plug-in inverter if I need maybe? this sounds like a good option for most things (although I don't have the electrical understanding enough to know if I'll fry an outlet). But I do know that it will exclude microwave use on battery power, which is a nice option in toddler hunger inspired emergencies, although not a necessity. I just picture a long day of travel, pulling into a parking lot and hoping for a quick, hot meal.

The built in one has a button and it shouldn't draw much/any power if you leave it off.

1. Do you need reinforcement to add shelves or clothing bar to wardrobe, or just find studs?

You can use studs, but the studs are only in certain locations. If you're not sure then reinforcements give you more flexibility.

2. I don't intend to camp in painfully cold weather, but should we get the heating pads as insurance in case we get stuck where the temps dip and we'd otherwise freeze? how cold can you go with just the foam?

You can also just use the trailer winterized. The foam and pads only add a few degrees to your available range.

3. My rationale for wall reinforcement at the bed and dinette is my toddler boy. He can get rough and I'm afraid he'll tumble on one of the beds through a wall. Do we need this?

Sure. I guess it makes them sturdier. The reinforcement doesn't go all the way to the bottom though.

7. is bed area dampness a current issue? we live in south louisiana, remember, and the air can get thick. i worry about all of the time it will be parked.

In Louisiana I'd use a dehumidifier if I could get power to it.

9. is there a better interior fridge fan online?

The one they sell is pretty good I think, but you can always get it later or buy something else. It's just a plain old fan.

10. i'm a casual claustrophobe so i like the idea of a front window. there is much debate on it, will i regret getting it because of the problems it causes?

The front window isn't double pane, so that's one consideration. I think most people in the 21 don't like the off center ascetics. Is there some other debate about them?

11. the u shaped dinette converts to a bed just as easily as stock, right?


12. should we try to do without the storage box? the price is ouch!

The storage box is much debated, but I think a lot of people end up liking theirs. I really like mine.
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I received a email from ETI re not needing the $175. External fan for the fridge as they were now using a better fridge. So I took it off my list. Our trailer was completed Nov 30 2017. Have not seen it yet but I bet it is beautiful.
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Great info, thanks!

jkavanagh, do you travel to hot areas? I feel like this is easy insurance for good cooling?

paulk, many great points. We intend to get a truck bed cover, but how nice to have a permanent storage solution in the front box to avoid having to load up for each trip!

I'll likely drop down to two burner stove. I don't often/ever use three at once! How is the two burner oriented? Should I ask to have it put front to back?

Regarding the Maxxfan upgrade: are there no controls on the unit if you get the remote model? I seem to recall people enjoying the upgrade, but I can't remember why, so I'll check into it again.

How far down does the wall reinforcement go?

Maybe debate is the wrong word for the front window. There have been some problems with it being non-thermal, and I think also some problems with water entry due to headwinds creeping around the edges of the cover?

How much time/effort does it take to winterize? I would rather go the route of the handy gentleman on here who installed sheet insulation and pipe insulation rather than the foam. That's just not going to happen though due to time restraints, so we'll likely go with foam and hope we're happy with that choice. Do most people end up satisfied with the foam, or is it so much of a pain to access anything that it's a regret?
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Originally Posted by padlin View Post
If I were to get a do over, I'd get the high lift. It does limit where I can go a bit, if one wants to get off the beaten path. It may hamper your son's accessibility, which may be a good thing. He can't knock down walls if he can't get in.
That's pretty good! I figure we'll need a small step if we get it. He's very good at falling.

Regarding wall strength: if one were to fall over onto a wall, would it break? He's not bashing walls with a golf club, but we have many a football tackle in bed here, and I foresee many more on bad weather camping days.
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wetzk that's super humidity advice, thanks. We may just deal with it if it becomes an issue.

h2owmn, we'll likely do some sort of drawers like this. I love the idea that the drawers are removable for packing inside! We will need a bit of hanging space for my husband's work clothes for trips that include work stops. Do you have on hand the wardrobe dimensions? I'd love to find an elfa option that left us a tad hanging space. Also, a hanging rod comes standard, correct?

Regarding the storage debate, we are very light packers if travelling in hotels/rentals. But I can see space becoming an issue when camping gear gets involved. We like to buy alot of food at once as we can't always find the perfect food for my sons special dietary needs when travelling. We also will take our two dogs, so I can see space filling quickly. Don't love the price, but a hard decision to go back on once made!
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The stats on the wardrobe for your 21 say 20 w 23 d 36 h.
There are elfa stacks that are 14 wide and that would leave you 6 inches of hanging room. the frames are 21 front to back so that's perfect. a 7 runner frame is 29 high. the drawers are available in 11 in deep (uses 3 runners), 7 in deep(uses 2 runners) , and 3 in deep(uses 1 runner) . I know my wardrobe has a 2" lip at the bottom below the opening and I'll need to put something along the sides to raise up the bottom rail to be even with the opening so the bottom drawer slides. im not sure about the hanging rod...maybe someone with a 21 can chime in.
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Oh that's perfect, thank you!

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