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Originally Posted by KarenH View Post
Just be thankful it's not a diesel pusher with what--ten?--huge tires to replace. I don't even want to contemplate that.
Six on most Class A motorhomes (even diesel pushers) and eight on the biggest ones (the extra axle only has two tires in almost all cases). There are some huge Class C motorhomes with tandem rear axles each with dual wheels, so that would be ten. I agree - if my motorhome ever needs new tires (six), I shudder to think of the price.

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I got 7 foot itis! I've really enjoyed my Scamp over the past dozen plus years. It was/is a great weekend (long weekend) trailer. No one has had more fun than me. BUT, it is the wrong layout for long term desires. I want to be more like Jon V and less like the younger me The longest I went out in the Scamp was 2-1/2 weeks. By the end of the second week, I was going nutz. Storage was a PITA. I hate totes. They're always in the way or in the tug! There's no comparison between a 13 foot cabin (and storage) and one nearly 20 feet, and all the storage... SWOON.

The interesting part is there's only a few short inches in length between my 16' Scamp and pickup (6.5 box) and Ten Forward (also 6.5 box). But, I get almost seven more feet of living space. THAT is huge.

Ten Forward is nearly a year old and I'm just as thrilled today as the day I picked up the trailer in Sumas last July.

Best of luck on your decision.

Donna D.
Ten Forward
2014 Escape 5.0TA
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Originally Posted by Brian B-P View Post
I would be cautious about this as an information source. A few seconds of reading in, I hit this absolutely incorrect statement:

Tilting a single-axle trailer in pitch (nose up or down) changes the position of the centre of mass enough to make a noticeable difference in the weight distribution between axle and tongue, affecting stability. In some trailers it also causes aerodynamic problems.

The content goes further downhill from there. It does have some valid points, but I don't see how someone looking for basic information would be able to distinguish the information from garbage.
Absolutely. Trailers tow best when they're balanced and level, or in the case of a single axle, perhaps even a bit tongue heavy. A tail heavy single axle is going to sway, and sometimes badly.
"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy an RV. And that is pretty close."
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Balanced being 10-15% of the trailer weight.
Happy Motoring
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Went from a 17 to a 21...


Back to your original question, obviously this is a decision you need to make your self, and I strongly suggest you see the trailers in person if you can. But here is why we migrated from our 17b (which we liked a lot) to our 21 (which we love). [LIST=1][*]In the spring of 2013 we went on a month long trip. However due to the weather and some health issues, we ended up spending much more time in the trailer than on our previous trips. In the 17 we had to plan our maneuvers so that only one of us was up at a time. In the 21 we can literally "dance in the aisle". Very nice on a rainy day.[*]We much prefer having the dining area in the rear of the trailer so that we can enjoy the view. Most often we end up backing into the camp site, with the tow vehicle up front. We know what the back side of our Highlander looks like. [*]We like having a trailer with a "bedroom wing" and a "kitchen/dining wing" It makes it easy for one of us to stay up late or get up early. without disturbing the other one. [*]The bathroom in the 21 is palatial compared to the 17b.

As a result of our change, we had to buy a new tow vehicle -- we sold our Sienna mini-van (which I loved) and got a Highlander (which I am at best lukewarm about). But on our recent trip to Osoyoos we averaged 15 mpg. About the same as we got pulling the 17b with the Sienna. We are still very happy with our decision to buy a larger trailer. We really enjoy the extra room. We often say that if something happened to one of us, the survivor might downsize to a 17b again, but for the two of us, the 21 is the way to go. If we were to buy a 19, we would probably opt to put the bed in the front.
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Thank you everyone for your great input on this thread. In the end we decided to stick with the 21. Our reasons for doing so
- You always hear about people order up to a bigger trailer, but never the opposite. There must be a reason for that!
- We hope to keep this for 10 years or more. So having to buy a new truck isn't such a big deal when you think that we'll get 10 years of use out of it, even if that use is only for towing.
- We intend to do some long trips of maybe up to 2 or 3 months. I'm sure in those trips we will appreciate the extra space and comforts of the 21 (ex. being able to stand up in the shower!)
- Sleep is REALLY important to us and therefore the permanent bed will be much appreciated rather than sleeping on the converted dinette in the 17

There were other reasons but I think this is a pretty good list. Thank you to everyone who contributed here. You all provided some very thoughtful and helpful advice!
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I think you'll be happy in the long run Jill.
"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy an RV. And that is pretty close."
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You will enjoy your trailer.
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Sounds like a great plan Jill.
When you look for advice, make sure it's from someone towing your trailer, in your backyard, with the same expectations
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I originally missed this post as we were in Florida, but in reading it I guess Jill isn't the only one who's glad they chose and are sticking with a 21. Actually I kind of toyed with the idea of backing off to a 19 for a little bit, but I know Cathy wouldn't have gone for it. Loren

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