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Originally Posted by azjack View Post
Does the 3 days include to-go helpings of poutine?
Last trip across the border going North the only comment from the delightful lady was that we may want to sign our freshly renewed passports before returning US.
My recollection is that it was ok to take almost any food into Canada (including poutine), but you can't bring fruit back to the US. We recently returned from Europe and Lindy forgot the apple that she brought for lunch. But the luggage sniffing beagle found it. The last time we returned to the US from Canada, we told the border guard we had no food on the trailer. He said "are you sure?" I said we had been to Escape to have our fridge replaced so we didn't buy food there. He just waved us through.

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Originally Posted by thumper-tx View Post
First off, this thread is not a debate or discussion on IF a person should carry while traveling. I am pretty sure those thread discussions have not changed anyones mind, on either side.

What to do with carry weapon when you go into Canada? We plan to pick up our 21 later this year and even though I understand that Escape brings it across for you, we plan to travel into BC and camp for a few weeks. Naturally handguns can not go so where can you leave your gun while you are in Canada? Pay a gun store near the border to store it? Hock it at a pawn shop and get it out of hock after you come back across? There have to be other options, can anyone out there problem solve this.

We can not be the first to have this "issue"
Hi: thumper-tx... We are not carriers of anything stronger than a common cold. We have never felt threatened anywhere in Canada and only once in the US. 3 am. revelers at the local motel behind a Cracker Barrel overnight stop. I dressed and got ready to move out but then they went inside. I kept the truck panic button at the ready...under my pillow. The safest place for your "Son of a gun" would be at home... IMHO. Alf
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Iowa Dave, Thanks! Good info and it did answer my questions.

As per the questions on reciprocity. Yes I do have detailed info on US carry laws in all states and keep the gun in the RV when in states that do not honor my permit.

Thank you to this forum for keeping this post/information search debate free and on topic.
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Originally Posted by LeonW View Post
My recollection is that it was ok to take almost any food into Canada (including poutine), but you can't bring fruit back to the US.

Best to read the restricted list from the Canadian Border agency website. What is and is not permitted regarding food items changes often and is often the same as the US. Certain meat products can be an issue from time to time and last year the hot item was fresh eggs going either direction as were some types of rices.

Fresh fruit and vegetables from California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington will pretty well always get you into hot water going into Canada as well.
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Untreated wood is a big no-no too.
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Originally Posted by StarvingHyena View Post

Come to Canada and enjoy ... you'll be safer than even very small town USA.


Unless you plan to stay in Surrey, BC
We're still have'n fun...
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Originally Posted by gbaglo View Post
Unless somebody has specific knowledge about locations near the border where a weapon can be securely stored, I think this topic has run its course.
This seems perfectly clear and entirely reasonable to me. Futile, but reasonable.
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There's no issue with carrying while traveling in the states mentioned. The IGA in Sumas only charges 5 bucks to store. Easy crossing, easy return.

Time to put this to bed?.....
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I am good with my thread being frozen but hopefully still available so if the question comes up in the future, others can learn from the information as good information was posted.
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I think the biggest problem the original poster has with this topic, on this forum, is the use of the word weapon. In thumper-tx 's post the word weapon, in lieu of rifle, may seem unsettling to some campers. It's a distinction without a difference.

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